Perfectly Priced Office for Lease

29-03-2020 08:10:55

99,750 درهم

السعر: 99,750 درهم


Perfectly Priced Office for Lease
Building 24, Dubai Healthcare City
Permit no.: 0766177547
Rental Amount: AED 75 per sq. ft. DHC-Office
Size: Office / 1330-1665.39 sq.ft
Size: Retail 2 / 897-1646 sq.ft
Office condition: Shell & Core / Fitted Office
Security Deposit: 5% based on Annual Rent
Commission: 5.25% on annual Rent
Government 5% VAT
Payment Terms: 4-6 payments (1st Payment is Cash)
For More information & Viewing please call:
Contact person: Mr. Ahmad Hamed +971556947020
Email: /
About us:
Acclaimed as one of the leading real estate companies with over 30 years of experience in the United Arab Emirates, Continental Real Estate has provided a broad range of diversified professional services, supported by a qualified and experienced team of engineers, consultants, marketing and property management professionals.
Our objective at Continental Real Estate is to constantly upgrade our comprehensive services and adopt the latest techniques in management and research in order to cope with market requirements and developments. Consequently, we have always managed to successfully meet, and even exceed investor’s expectations, efficiently contributing in their projects supervision, and providing the ideal consultancies and recommendations that have assured continued success to all projects we have been involved with.

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