Marble Fabricator

22-07-2020 18:05:31

نوع الوظيفة : Full Time

راتب: 2000

مهارات الاساسية : Fabrication

خبرة : 3 سنوات

حديقة دبي للإستثمار

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A Dubai based company that is specialized in deluxe fit-out and interior design.

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Job Description SUMMARY: The primary responsibility of the Granite & Marble Fabricator to cut, glue, shape and polish stone slabs. This is done using by using power tools, hand tools, and various types of fabrication machinery. All work performed must be done in a workman like manner to meet quality and production expectations on a daily basis. This position reports directly to the Factory Supervisor. POSITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Cut and glue laminate strips to size based on specified edge details Color match various types of resin glues to match stones Cut and polish sink holes to templates Grind and polish edges with portable power tools Operate profiling/polishing machines Operate bridge saws to cut to shop drawings Fill small chips and perform touch ups Seal natural stone after fabrication Self inspect work upon completion Responsible to meet quality expectations set forth by the Shop Manager for all work performed. Responsible to meet production expectations set forth by the Shop Manager for all work performed. Responsible to liaise with the Floor Supervisor for all issues regarding any discrepancies or mistakes. Responsible for building and maintaining interpersonal relationships with all shop workers and other department personnel COMPETENCIES, SKILLS AND ABILITIES Must have the ability to read and work from shop drawings and diagrams created manually or from a CAD program. Ability to measure, add, subtract make basic mathematical calculations etc. Ability to follow directions and coordinate with other workers in the shop, thus upgrading the skills and performance individually and as a team within the shop. Must be able to work in and adjust to varying production timelines typical in new home and commercial construction schedules. Must have the ability to recognize fabricating issues and seek help from the Floor Supervisor to resolve and prevent repetitive mistakes that will adversely impact production. Ability to lift and carry 75 lbs. Experience with proper and safe use of tools utilized in granite fabrication. Skilled craftsman with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks. Have a craftsman ability to use portable power tools and hand tools to cut, grind, shape, and polish various types of stone products. Have a working knowledge and understanding of the use of different products and solvents such as various types of adhesive glues, acetone, and denatured alcohol used for fabrication. Basic knowledge of the stones commercially sold in the industry and an understanding of the varying characteristics of natural stone and engineered products. Adaptable to change


Excellent knowledge in handling marble machinery.  Minimum 3 to 5 years of experience.