Land Cruiser Special 360 Camera

22-06-2019 13:44:04

AED 850

Price: AED 850


His system provides you an excellent driving experience as in luxury cars. Original algorithms enable perfect accuracy of the bird view. The 4 cameras keep recording from the 4 sides of the car.
The surveillance panoramic imaging system perfectly combines the speedometer and leads the development trend of intelligent transportation.
1. Panoramic aerial view of car surroundings: starting from the three-way trigger signal, inverting forced start, selecting left turn, right turn line activation signal in response to the corresponding screen.
2. Eliminate turn blind spots: the front camera can see the road surface in advance to improve safety;
3. High-speed ARM processor, smooth screen, image correction and seamless; more advanced fisheye image correction and view conversion technology for imaging technology, natural screen;
4. Ultra wide-angle fisheye lens with wide field of view, simple installation, simple debugging process, intelligent software stitching, quick and easy installation, suitable for the equipment market, can be customized according to user needs.
5. Energy-saving design automatically sleeps when not in use; intelligent automatic splicing and automatic calibration automatic calibration, has a good splicing effect on the full coverage of multi-view image information, adapts to various types of vehicles; flexible configuration parameters can adapt to different models, through Load the configuration file and remote control buttons to display the screen.

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